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    2.   Fuzhou Autran Industrial Co., Ltd

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      Fuzhou Autran Industrial Co., Ltd

       Address:NO.38,Suwan, Suyang Village,Zhuqi,Minhou


       Fax :+86-591-22995536

       Email :autran@autranindustrial.com

      About us

      Fuzhou Autran Industrial Co., Ltd is located in Fuzhou, Fujian Province. We are quality manufacturer specialized in toughened glass and stainless steel hardware. For the past few years, we mainly supply our products to Australia market so that all the products meet the AUS/NZ standard. Also, lots of compliments are received from our clients.


      We focused on producing toughened glass for pool fencing , balustrade and shower screen as well as the supporting hardware as stainless steel spigots, hinges, latches, and top rail. We will try our best to improve and perfect our product category in order to give you more convenience on purchasing and save your own money. Moreover, we can also customize the product as you request. We normally use the iron frame to deliver the glass which is more safe and flexible than traditional timber frame.


      Because of the professional technology within this industry, it allows us to provide you a more competitive price with the same outstanding quality level. We also offer a service for our creditable partners which you can pay the balance after you receive the goods. In order to seeking perfect service quality we send a sales agent in Sydney who can solve any possible problem in no time.


      To get to know us better, you are welcomed to visit our factory and we are looking forward to know any suggestions from our clients.


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