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    2.   Fuzhou Autran Industrial Co., Ltd

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      Fuzhou Autran Industrial Co., Ltd

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      • Tempered Glass: SS01L-M
      • NO.: a SS01L-M
      • Specifications:
      • Thickness:
      • Max size:
      • Min size:
      • Production standard:
      • High Quality:



       Code  SS01L-M  SS01L-S
       Model  Long Square Core Drill  Spigot  Long Square Core Drill  Spigot
       Finish  mirror  satin
       Height  365MM  365MM
       Dia  50MM  50MM
       Weight  around 2KG  around 2KG
       Material  2205/316L/316 Grade  2205/316L/316 Grade



      Friction style installation, no hole needed on glass; fast installation and maximum flexibility

      One piece build-in friction combines with pressure plate; adjustment after installation becomes possible by the advantage of our advanced material using.

      Easy installing and maintenance free

      Much fewer obstacles than semi frameless, allowing maximum view

      Cover ring included (same marine grade stainless steel on both cover ring and bolts)

      Customize design available to suit individual business requirement

      Responsible and safety packaging


      High quality casting or machined Spigots with superior finish.

      In compliance with Australia structural design and ISO standard.



      Pool fencing, balustrade

      Indoor/Outdoor balcony,

      Wood decking


      Steps etc

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