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    2.   Fuzhou Autran Industrial Co., Ltd

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      Fuzhou Autran Industrial Co., Ltd

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      • Tempered Glass: Curved Tempered Glass
      • NO.: e Curved Tempered Glass
      • Specifications:
      • Thickness:
      • Max size:
      • Min size:
      • Production standard:
      • High Quality:



      Curved Tempered Glass



      Max Size:2000*3600MM
      Min Size:400*500MM


      production standard

      In compliance with AS/NZS 2008 Grade A standard,



      A wide range of curved or bent glass products are available to suit applications such as store shop fronts, balustrade, revolving doors, food displays and china cabinets.
      Min radius: 900MM
      Max radius: 10M
      As height increases, the glass becomes more difficult to curve and therefore the minimum radius must be increased. Similarly as the glass weight and thickness increases, the maximum height must be decreased and the minimum radius increased.


      Packaging & Delivery 

      Packing details: Glass panels divided by corks and storage on Iron Frame(less waste and much safer during transport and unpacking)Delivery Details:20-30 days.



      Pool Fencing;Window glass;Door glass;Curtain wall glass; shower screen, glass Fencing in buildings;Hotels;Curtain wall, etc.


      Performance Features:

      High Strength:at the same thickness,the bending resistance strength and the impact resistance performance are both 4-5 times higher than the common glass.

      Safety:once the glass is broken,the pieces are in particle shape with obtuse angles (free of sharp angles) so that greatly reduce the chance that people being injuredHeat.

      Stability:thermal impact resistance and able to withstand a temperature change from –40℃ to 327℃ without spontaneously breaking. The bearing strength is 3 times that of the common glass.

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